Warning on Bio-Detergents

Warning on Bio-Detergents

Written by Julie Bird, founder of Sleepy Merino, and a wool grower from Inverell NSW. Julie's mission is to improve the sleep and well-being of people all over the world with Australian Merino wool.

While our Merino products are designed to be machine washed with normal detergent, there has recently been a massive increase in the number of detergents with harsh chemicals and enzymes harmful to wool products, and not great for your skin either!

Please avoid bio detergents with enzymes, which will weaken the fibres and cause holes. These detergents do have a warning in the small print- ‘Do not use with wool or silk’.

Also avoid harsh chemical additives such as bleach, chlorine, stain removers, or oxygen. ‘Whiteners’  and ‘brighteners’, and ‘oxy’, are a give away.

‘Eco’ , ‘Sensitive’ or ‘Wool’ detergents which are pH neutral will be fine. Here are just a few suggestions, which are Woolmark approved :-


Dirt Wool & Delicate

Bosistos Sensitive

Green Action Wool


Eco Store

Earth Choice Wool


Green Action Wool


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