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Plastic free zone!

Did you know that traditional plastic shipping mailers take 400 years or more to break down, while also releasing methane gas into the atmoshphere? Sleepy Merino is commited to removing plastics from our packaging and shipping. Our mailers are made from cassava roots and corn starch and are 100% compostible. Simply cut up your mailer into small pieces and add it to your home compost, where it will completely break down in 90 days. If you don't compost, you can send it to a composting facility. If you are in Australia, please CLICK HERE to find a composter near you. You can also ask your local council if they can provide a composting green bin for you. Even if your mailer ends up in landfil, it will biodegrade, but it will take 2 years rather than 90 days.  Much better than 400 years for the plastic mailers!