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News from the farm

Times are tough in the bush here in New South Wales-we are in the grip of the worse drought in living memory. Like many farmers, we have had to think outside the square for diversification options, as we have had to sell many of our stock- Sleepy Merino builds on our passion for Merino wool, and pyjamas are a fantastic use of Merino's unique properties.

Life on the farm goes on. It's now lambing time- a little tough this year, as we need to feed the lambing ewes every day due to the lack of good grass. The best we can do to minimise disturbing lambing ewes is feed them at midday, when they have had a number of hours to bond with their lamb (most lamb overnight or early morning). Mum has 10 poddy lambs already, and we are only a half way through. Mum's poddies always end up being the biggest sheep on the farm, and never get sold. And yes, they all get a name!

I'm over the dust! We have destocked all except the ewes and a few cows, so we still have ground cover to protect the landscape from wind erosion, and water erosion when it does rain. Unfortunately, much of the wider landscape is just bare earth. The photo below shows some of our neighbours soil top dressing our paddocks-we get dust storms all the time now.



Today we are predicted to get our first rain in a long time, very exciting-perhaps 5 to 15mm. Hopefully this is the start of a change in the weather pattern. I'll let you know how we go!